Meet the Cleaning Staff

Meet our Team

Meet our team of cheerful, experienced and passionate staff. We believe that the key to our success is our people. We take pride in having a quality-conscious and experienced team. These people are the reason why many homeowners in the St. Louis area trust with the careful cleanings of their homes and their belongings. Get to know them here or feel free to drop by our offices to meet them in person.


Susie Duncan

Meet the Head of the Bucket Empire --Susie Duncan.  Susie started Two Ladies & A Bucket twelve years ago.  She is happy to be bringing you hard-working, trustworthy girls to clean for you.

The key to our success is our people. We are so proud of our experience and quality-conscious team. Get to know our team members so you can also see why so many homeowners in the St. Louis area, trust us with the careful cleanings of their homes.

(And feel free to stop by our offices, to meet our mascots and office personnel!)


Patterson & Ruby

Meet the Bucket Mascots.  Patterson on the left and Ruby on the right.  They can be found at the office on Friday's.  Be sure to bring a doggie treat with you when you come by to visit.  You will make two new friends.


Nicole Storie

She's our Montana Team Crew Leader. She's super loyal and dedicated. She loves to please our clients and makes a great Crew Leader!


Erica Gilmore

She's a member of our Montana Team. We're glad to have her aboard our team. She gets in there and gets the job done with a smile.


Sonnet Bolin

She is the Crew Leader of our Venture Team. She is super resourceful. If we have a mechanical problem, Sonnet is there to fix our problem. She loves to make our clients happy and looks for ways to WOW them!


Cindy Venice

She's a crew member on our Bucket Mobile Team. She's always got a smile on her face and loves to make people laugh. She's enjoys cleaning for our clients.


Casey Allred

She is one of our crew members. She's super sweet. We're glad to have her aboard.


Andromeda Edwards

She is the Crew Leader for our P.T. Cruiser Team.  If there is something to be done, you can find Andromeda.  She’s always willing to lend a helping hand.  I love her servant heart.  Makes a great addition to our team!

danielle doyle

Danielle Doyle

She is a crew member of our Bucket Mobile Team. She is super sweet. She enjoys cleaning for our clients and getting to know them.

Taylor Lamke

Taylor Lamke

She is one of our crew members.  She would love to take care of your cleaning needs.

Michelle Greiner

Michelle Greiner

She's our awesome Office Administrator.